Aasimar_Racial_Image.jpg While most heroes trace their lineage to a mortal who would become a god, a rare few prove that the Trisdekatheon have their own lineages as well. With radiant skin and an aura of majesty about them, Aasimar are respected and feared. Despite this prominence, Aasimar are rarely fully integrated into society, and are expected to serve as priests or oracles for their divine parents. For those who rebel against this, the life of a wandering adventurer is one of the few escapes available.

Aasimar descended from the Trisdekatheon have bright golden or silver skin, revealing the power of their lineage. Those who are marked by the Hupotheon have skin the color of copper, iron, or ebony in some rare cases. Regardless, the light of the gods shines brightly from them, with eyes the color of gems and exquisite forms like moving statues. Paragons of beauty and power, Aasimar are often sequestered in temples as secret clerics or oracles, while others may form small communities in isolated places. Such places, when found, become pilgrimage sites for mortals seeking fortunes.

The children of the gods enjoy the respect of their associates, but often experience feeling of isolation. Never fully integrated into society, Aasimar are objects of mystery and jealousy for the common folk. Despite this, Aasimar struggle to be fully mortal while living up to the scrutiny of the gods above. It is said that the gods watch their children’s actions closely, twisting fate in their favor when they can so long as they are in good graces.

Classes: Positions channeling divine power are most common for Aasimar, who often cannot help but be oracles or clerics. Paladins are more common than fighters, while some reject their heritage and struggle only with their bodies and not their blood. On the occasion that an Aasimar delves into arcane magic, they tend to manifest as celestial blooded sorcerers more often than any other, while bardic poets and orators are the next most common. While Aasimar have a sensitivity to spirits, few pursue the occult, though among those descended from the Hupotheon the proportion is much higher.

Common Male Names: Photos, Basileus, Argos, Brados, Purgos, Chalepos

Common Female Names: Musteriae, Musicae, Nikae, Basileae, Psuchae

Example Adventure Hooks:

Nikae was a mysterious child found by pilgrims on a mountain top, no parentage to be found. Brought to the local temple, it was determined she was a daughter of Xiphios, king of the gods. Ferried to his greatest temple in Periandropolis, Nikae was sequestered to serve as an oracle to her heavenly father. Struck deaf from birth, she never learned to speak, and was hailed as having heard his voice directly. Undeniably, she carries a fragment of his power, wielding divine lightning when enraged, but she desires to explore beyond the confines of her room. So when she was kidnapped, she was more delighted than she should have been. Unaware of her power, the kidnappers were repelled by her magic, leaving her free to explore the world beyond her four rooms for the first time in decades.

Argos is a proud child of the god of war, Polumachos, but feels his father delights in bloodlust rather than the good war can do. Enlisting in the military of Pittacae when grown, Argos remained loyal to his convictions and his trade, eventually bearing the title of paladin on the battlefield. Struggling against the rage inside his own breast, the Golden Hoplite is a beacon of hope and power in his small company, and should he survive, is destined for greatness at the head of the greatest infantry in Calopius.

Psuchae has never been very concerned with the present, and tires quickly of the public. Having retreated to a cave, she practices casting her bones and reading the entrails of birds and lizards. Those who meet her rarely remember the event, as she uses her mysterious powers to interfere with the memories of visitors. Known as the Mesmerist of Nestor’s Straights, she gladly allows local villages to assume she is a terrible beast of some kind, assuring her some isolation. However, that changed when she was captured by a contingent of soldiers assuming she was merely in mortal guise. Now, she awaits a chance to plead her case in a prison cell underground.


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