“Do not speak fast, for that shows folly.” – Bias, Sage of the Seas

A thriving city of predominantly humans and elves, Biasophoros is built around a bay on the Straights of Nestor. With the only sizable population of half-elves in all Calopius, Biasophoros centers its life around the sea. Master ship builders flock to use Biasophoron wood and techniques, while the shepherds prepare their flocks to be shorn for use as rope, sails, or clothing for the sailors. It was the Biasophorons who invented the juggernaut of the seas known as the Trireme, a ship with three rows of oars and sails for added speed.

Founded by the sage Bias, the city that bears his name values quiet solemnity. Despite the prevalence of wine houses, the city maintains a reputation as silent and resilient. The forests around Biasophoros are left to grow, tended by local rangers and druids for later use in ships. Few crops are grown, as the fishing industry feeds the metropolitan populace. Most city dwellers contribute in some way to the construction or sale of the mighty ships purchased by the other cities.

At its head, Biasophoros claims no blooded aristocracy, instead trusting itself to the decisions of four Tetrarchs, selected by concensus of the Captains. While the Tetrarchs are the ruling face of the city, the Captains elevate their own to the positions, with the Yoemen laborers and sailors loyal more to their local captains than any other organization. Beneath these are the slaves, usually pressed into service as rowers. Biasophoros does have a Coliseum, but it was built around the waters for the staging of naval battles for public enjoyment.

The people of Biasophoros tend to be insular, suspicious of others, but fiercely loyal. They value quiet observation over loud discourse, and strive to live so that their actions are louder than their words. The population is roughly 50% human, 25% elf, 15% half-elf, 5% Halfling, 5% other. Heroes from Biasophoros and its outlying regions claim the blood of Belleros, Nestor, or rarely Araxnia.


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