Diana Zoethungatter

Diana Zoethungatter was captured by a savage vampire and held in a prison under an Archtree for reasons unknown in the winter of 1154. A collection of heroes assembled by her patron, Osmond Urtaban successfully fought their way through a collection of Pickin Ogres and vampiric spawn, only to then slay the vampire itself. Two of these adventurers were goblins, whose efforts in this have elevated public opinion about the goodness such creatures are capable of.

Prior to and following her captivity, Diana is a funded student and scholar in Dikethaleos who is housed in the College of Rhetoric, but dabbles in magical theory, philosophy, and mathematics. Since her return, she has been more interested than ever in the taxonomy of magical creatures, and has earned several awards for her discussion and debates with major thinkers in the region.

Rumors abound as to why Diana was taken, and what happened to her in the interim. Her bloodline, a joining of the line of Pius and Thenius is hardly unique, and she has no real magical talent of her own. Some believe the woman saved was a clever magical simulacrum of the original, or that she was targeted in order to be an enchanted spy in the university. However, no sage has found a lingering enchantment around her, and a year of work with healers have offered no real restoration of memories. In a public letter to the university attempting to clear the mysteries of her captivity, Diana wrote, “I still do not know why I was taken or what I underwent in the roughly two weeks I was held by the vampire; as I have told every healer I have seen, I recall only a moist, slightly sticky surface beneath me, as well as red and green flashes of light. It seems I was being held under the effects of a magical sleep, but I have since recovered full faculty of my mind and body, and I owe everything to the brave warriors who rescued me.” In the same letter, Diana announced that she was taking her first student, who was a goblin applying to study in the university. Despite the controversy, none doubt that the student Galgryx has demonstrated an entirely unexpected savant mind for mathematics and engineering in his months of study so far. She has been a champion of goblin rights and a patron of the church of Eleusinia since her return.

Diana is the author of several treatises, but her most famous is De Rerum Divinis et Occultae Arcanisque, a theoretical exploration of the nature of magic, matter, and the division of the types of powers available to magicians. It has been hailed as a breakthrough in theological work despite being written as a response to classical magical theory, and is hotly debated and divisive among the sages of Chilones. She was 20 at the time of her captivity, and her papers were not taken seriously due to her youth. However, since being thrust in the limelight, her previous papers are similarly being revisited.

Diana Zoethungatter

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