Elf_Racial_Image.jpg Beautiful and mournful by most reckonings, the elves of Calopius are quiet and religious. Eschewing material concerns and undertaking fasts regularly, they are slender people who prefer contemplation to conversation. With their longevity, many uneducated consider the elves immortal, a mistake perpetuated by their common role as caretakers of the dead.

Most elves live either on their home island of Chilones or aboard the vessels that make port to gather the honored dead from each metropolis. Near universally respected but feared in equal measure, the elves usually dress in somber gray and whites. Elves tend to speak slowly and deliberately, carefully weighing each word and making liberal use of pauses. As guardians of the vaulted necropolises of their home island, most elves train in the divine arts, though many are sensitive to the energies of spirits and the subtle psychic phenomena around them.

With their long lives, elves spend their youth in labor and learning, middle age upon ships, and their twilight years among the tombs. The elves have a close relationship with the Fetchlings, often accompanying them when they venture out beyond the confines of their ivy-covered island home. Elves are masters of ritual and honoring the dead, but aside their sacrifices to Thantodeus on behalf of the departed they are not particularly religious.

Classes: Among the elves, the life of the cleric is most common, though mediums, occultists, psychics, witches, wizards, magi, and oracles are all common as well. For those rare few who escape life as a part of the temples of the dead, the wandering life of sea-based rangers, druids, swashbucklers, and rogues are often their calling. When contemplating life rather than death, elves are naturally gifted seamen. Elven necromancers are greatly feared, for a wrathful elf with access to the endless bodies of Chilones would be a terrifying force indeed. Elves rarely train in purely martial disciplines, but the unique blend of the physical and spiritual found among monks satisfies their needs.

Common Elven Names: Llorwynn, Caerwynn, Ilithphaen, Verodas, Zygomat, Shenderil, Zenteri, Aelrin, Haerynith, Ephraemi. (Note: Elven names do not carry male or female designation)

Example Adventure Hooks:

Aelrin was one of the most promising young wizards in Chilones for most of his life, but his ambition was greater than his patience. No longer content to study necromancy in the abstract, he entered a tomb unsanctioned and practiced animating the bones. When his actions were discovered, he fled and stowed away on a ship. Exiled from his home, the elf hopes to someday prove himself worthy to return by using his magic for the good of the land. Bad luck seems to follow him, however, and no port is safe for long.

Ephraemi was an unusual child among the elves, content to dance the evenings away in the starlight. She would move to points seemingly without purpose, and talk to figures none could see, even with the assistance of magic. It was an old medium who noticed her real powers; Ephraemi was conversing with shades who were denied by the underworld. One of these shades, who Ephraemi called The Singer, began to follow her, and the pair worked for the betterment of their family and home. As she grew older, though, Ephraemi knew there were bound to be more shades in need of a guide. So she took a thick gray cloak and set sail for the mainland, not knowing what was in store.

Caerwynn does not remember his home. His first memories are of standing waist deep in the ocean, just shy of adulthood, with no one around him. He fought for his meals, fashioning simple spears to catch fish. He moved across the rocky coast and taught himself climbing and leaping. When predators threatened, he learned to strike with a fist the way a wolf bites or a snake strikes. He never knew a teacher or a master, and only found the village that now supports him by accident. But he is their coastal mystic, the monk of the waves. At least until he is drawn elsewhere.


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