Chaotic Evil Goddess

Other Names: Mother of Beasts, Font of Chaos, Living Earth, Orcmother, Godhated

Domains: Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Earth, Evil
Subdomains: Catastrophe, Caves, Corruption, Fur, Protean
Favored Weapon: Natural Weapons/Unarmed Strike

Gaea.jpg The oldest being yet living, and one of two who existed from the very beginning, Gaia is the wrathful mother of the world in which Calopius is built. In the time before any other beings, she and the Primordial of the Heavens lay together and produced children. From their first union the First Children of the Mother were born, great and terrible creatures of ever shifting form and endless hunger. Delighted, Gaia lay with the Heavens once more, and the Second Children, the Archbeasts, were born. Mighty primal creatures who stalked the world endlessly, the Archbeasts were beloved even more, as they had form that she could continually grow and change. The mightiest of these archbeasts was Proteus, though he was only twice the height of a man. Still delighted, Gaia lay with the Heavens a third time, and produced Ladon, first of the dragons and progenitor of its kind.

Finally, Gaia lay with the Heavens a fourth time, and produced the Titans, her offspring that would both rule and serve. Yet the Titans made their own children, and from them were born the Gods of the Trisdekatheon and the Hupotheon. Led by her traitorous son who measured time, the Gods slaughtered her beloved children and bound her form into the earth. Filled with wrath, but unable to move herself, Gaia’s fury gave birth to new monsters: the manticore, the minotaur, the sphinx, the basilisk, the cockatrice, and countless others. When the gods shaped mortals in their image, Gaia turned her wrath toward them, shaking her stone when the bounds loosed and churning the waters her body was submerged in. Still she struggles, and still she hopes to produce a child who can free her to bring vengeance upon the arrogant Gods.

Since being bound, Gaia is far from restful. The Orcs emerged from her bosom bringing weapons of metal and fire. It is said the Vishkanya were warped when humans drew too near a place she was free to move. And still beasts emerge without end from hidden places. Binding Calopius to the north is the Dark Forest of Chaos, said to be filled with caves that reach to Gaia’s vengeful heart, and the source of the beasts. Even the mightiest heroes are overwhelmed, and the Gods themselves venture not into the caves.

Outside of the hordes of the Orcs, Gaia’s worship is not one of joy, but one of fear. In storms, sailors will make sacrifices of barley, wine, or even a crew member to the Mother of Catastrophe in hopes of appeasing her for a few hours. In times of battle and desperation, offerings may be made to consider her. Druids know the secret ways of momentarily soothe her, but in the end, only the most twisted of druids hopes for the release of the Font of Chaos.


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