Goblin_Racial_Image.jpg Until recently, goblins were considered little more than runted monsters in service of dark and wicked powers. After the Cyclops-Slayers found within the ranks of a few goblin tribes those willing to learn the ways of civilization, a small but important group at the edges of the civilized world. Still spurned by most cities, these goblins who often pay homage to Haemon as an adopted fatherly hero strive to prove their worth to the larger world. With knowledge of the wild and a reckless curiosity, goblins disproportionately become adventurers in Calopius, seeing this as their way to prove heroism and possibly even become a god in their own right.

Goblins lack a common unity, single settlement, or written culture. They are a culture still being born into the modern world, and are surprisingly individualistic. Perhaps it is their short lives, or their lack of a grand philosophical tradition exploring the depths of the soul, but goblins are reckless creatures of action, expressing little care if they survive or die. Some, having watched adventuring soldiers from the shadows, have learned the notions of honor and survival, while others watched the beasts of the darkest forests and have learned the cruelty and rabid fury of the wilderness. This divide is increasingly visible in goblin society, where many identify themselves as Calopenes, or Converts, to show their rejection of the wilderness. Such goblins adopt more traditionally Calopene names, particularly gnomish or halfling names. Others keep simple names of the wilderness. Goblin names rarely identify males or females on their own.

Classes: Goblins who embrace their wild side often become barbarians, rangers, or sorcerers of dark and wicked bloodlines. Those with particular skill might pursue arcane study as wizards and summoners, or cobble together equipment from adventurers and train as disciplined fighters. Those who turn to civilization instead pursue lives that engage the mind and train them in discipline, learning to be fighters, clerics, druids, and monks. Regardless of which faction they serve, goblins honor and respect the alchemist as a wise man and leader, and the witch as a master of the arcane who can breach the veils to the distant powers above little goblinkind.

Common Calopene Names: Churgi, Shersha, Likaku, Modia, Illyana, Laylissa, Haepais

Common Wild Names: Grug, Rivv, Hruf, Plakh, Qent

Sample Adventure Hooks

Rivv is a wild goblin who has forged a pact with a strange force that revealed itself in starlight on a night with no moon. Now plagued with visions of the wilderness burning as trees turn to pillars of marble, Rivv adventures to limit the spread of civilization and protect the wild. With a crimson spider that whispers in her ear, Rivv uses her magic to heal the wild and strengthen the beasts around her, but fears tapping into the raw destructive power. However, as she watches more wolves, boars, and eagles killed by archers and spear-bearing hoplites for mere food and more trees being cut for war machines near Pittacae, it is harder and harder not to unleash the fury boiling inside her.

Haepais is a mighty fighter who traces his bloodline back to Black-Arrow Likaku, and flourishes his breastplate and helmet with raven feathers in honor of his lineage. However, Haepais has rejected the bow in favor of a mighty greatsword, embracing his reckless urges and coupling it with a well-trained melee fighting style. Although his adopted city of Cleobonomos will not let him serve as a guardsman, he still walks the docks and slums to serve the rule of law.

Modia has one goal: discover the secrets of alchemy. However, after some time at a monastery, Modia is convinced that the alchemy of the physical world is an inferior form. Instead, it is the alchemy of the spirit and the body that can bring perfection. Embracing the erratic and dangerous nature of alchemy coupled with the discipline and focus of the life of the monk, Modia hopes to discover the means to convert the still half-beast spirit of the goblin into a fully rational mind with this unique combination of powers.


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