Haemon the Cyclops-Slayer

Chaotic Good Hero

Other Names: Cyclops-Slayer, Goblin Father, Twice-Drowned Captain, Ladon’s Thorn
Domains: Chaos, Community, Glory, Good, Luck
Subdomains: Cooperation, Fate, Friendship, Heroism, Revelry
Favored Weapon: Spear

Haemon.jpg One of the heroes who slew the cyclops Galateush in the ruins known as Kuklodomus, Haemon was a legendary captain and monster hunter. With his trusted throwing spears in hand, this favored son of Thalattos captained the Minotaur’s Bane and raised a generation of goblin sailors under Shersha, known as the Caliopene Convert. A foundling who lived his whole life on the seas, Haemon served on ships and lived his life without a home, until he joined the other Cyclops-Slayers and became a hero of Timaedius. After these feats of heroism, Haemon suffered a shipwreck and was swallowed by a great sea serpent, but he cut his way free with a divine weapon granted by his father. After swimming to the Barbarian Lands, Haemon made his way to the great temple in Periandropolis and earned a vision from his father. Spurred on, Haemon visited his children scattered across Calopius and said goodbyes to his companions, and departed to the realms beyond the Dark Forest of Chaos. What dangers he faced there are unknown, but a mysterious treatise appeared in Biasophoros in a small chest of darkwood, with Haemon’s signet ring of House Zeuxedamus and a report of barbarian priests infiltrating the north and harvesting young dragons. While the Twice-Drowned Captain was never seen again, he is remembered as a hero to the people of Timaedius and an example for enterprising captains. There are very few priests or oracles of Haemon yet, but a great number of goblins look to him as a hero who gave their race a chance to prove their goodness and industrious nature. To any goblin child departing on an adventure, he carries a token of a spear crossed with a trident in remembrance of the race’s adopted father.


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