HalfElf_Racial_Image.jpg Pairing between humans and elves is rare. Humans value a pure lineage, and elves often care little for people who rarely live more than eighty years. However, through unlikely romance or violence, there are half-elves born to Calopius. Unable to climb the ladder of social standing easily in human society and almost always cast off from the elves’ island home, Half-Elves turn to the sea. Gifted sailors, singers, and navigators, Half-Elves have reputations as philanderers and troublemakers. It is far more common for Half-Elves to be born of the union between two Half-Elves, or a Half-Elf and a human.

Often, Half-Elves are powerful magicians and skilled arcanists. Unlikely to pursue a life of religion, Half-Elves value their personal freedom and are common adventurers in Calopius, despite their relatively small numbers. Lovers of the sea, Half-Elves congregate to the shoreline and often are sailors or fishermen in addition to their other pursuits. Attempting to meld into human society, Half-Elves have an earned stereotype as charming but unfaithful lovers. Though it would be unfair to claim all carrying the union of human and elven blood are such, their innate desire for freedom and personal pleasure lends itself to the cliché.

Classes: Most Half-Elves are natural dabblers, readily pursuing multiple tracks of skills. Rarely does a half-elf fail to learn some magic, usually plying their longer than human lifespans to study wizardry, though the spontaneous nature of the sorcerer, bard, and summoner are likewise tempting. Magus is a natural path for those wishing to blend the arcane and martial, while many half-elves dip into the roguish arts to always have a trick up their sleeves. Unlikely to pursue religion, those that do prefer the naturalist approach of the druid to the more urbanite cleric. Some who take to sailing become sea-born rangers and swashbucklers. Few pursue the occult, though an interest in divining the future and speaking with the dead does mean some walk those paths.

Common Names: Most half-elves will take elven names, cut short to only one or two syllables for ease of use.

Example Adventure Hooks:

Lory is a half-elf raised by the sea. Always eager to test his mettle, he has worked aboard ships his whole life, handling rowing and rigging against storm and gale. Proudly lacking any magical talent, Lory relies on his wits and strength alone when sailing, and hopes desperately to own his own vessel some day. Gifted with a short sword and buckler, he was well on his way to earning a title aboard his vessel when a sea monster crushed it and killed half the crew. Now adrift between bars in Biasophoros, he hopes to find a vessel that will take him despite his lack of credentials. The ground is far too hard beneath his feet.

Caeri is a masterful student of the school of divination and a promising young wizard. Though she initially hoped to master evocation or enchantment, both proved difficult for her, as she lacked the sheer force of will to master the elements, and was too shy to reach out to the minds of others. However with her skills honed toward glimpsing the future and farsight, she is delighted with her progress. Yet nightly, her dreams are plagued by visions of fire and destruction that haunt the edges of her magic. Driven to attempt to turn away this disastrous future, she secretly fears she may in fact be its catalyst…

Abram is a cheerful and cocky magus. Wielding an elven curved blade allegedly stolen from his father’s vaults, he believes his glorious destiny is merely a matter of time. Proud to a fault, he will challenge any who insult him for his pointed earns or lilting speech. Though he is loathe to admit it, Abram knows that his bluster stems from a concern he isn’t powerful enough and a feeling of rejection from society. Taken to wandering of late, the warrior met an Aasimar oracle who told him he had an air of great and terrible things in his future. Assured of his place in the cosmos, Abram seeks to prove himself in the arena and the battlefield to prepare himself for what is to come.


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