HalfOrc_Racial_Image.jpg The orcs are a monstrous race said to be distilled from the blood of trolls. Stalking the Dark Forest of Chaos and sometimes selling clans as mercenary forces, orcs care only for blood and battle. In their wake, a rare few half-orcs are born fro violent beginnings and almost always cast out from their home as an ill omen. For many, this is the end, and the exposed infant never reaches adulthood. A few are found by merciful traders, nymphs or other local spirits, or might even be hidden by the mother who will raise her half-blooded child in secret. Growing quickly, most half-orcs know their only place in society can be battle, and so fight in coliseum shows to earn their wages and a living. Some might even earn fame and, rarely, respect.

Half-Orcs carry the visible sign of their monstrous ancestry, including pronounced tusks and greenish skin. Most are grim and happy to give in to the bloodlust inherent in their lineage, while a sizable minority seek to prove they can master the beast within. Rumors abound that their connection to the terrible beasts of the forest means they are lycanthropes, and while many orcs carry the cursed blood of the wolf, very few half-orcs have the burden. Nonetheless, most still shy from silver out of habit and superstition.

Often confined to the arena, some Half-Orcs earn their freedom only to find a society that does not trust them. Such freedmen turn to military service or the wilderness, where their raw strength can be put to use. Though they struggle with most kinds of magic, Half-Orcs rarely emerge with a potent connection to blooded magic or spirits. Much more likely, the Half-Orc will study a weapon, armor, or fighting style with the intensity of a magical school, becoming juggernauts on the battlefield that armies are willing to lose.

Classes: Fighters and monks are common among Half-Orcs. From the Tieflings, many Half-Orcs learn the ways of the bloodrager and barbarian. Sometimes the dark powers of their orcish ancestry manifest in magical ways, usually as sorcerers with the abyssal, div, elemental (fire), or orc bloodlines. To gain powers, some traffic with dark patrons and become witches. Those who seek to control their powers might turn to druidism or the discipline of the slayer to channel their rage.

Common Male Names: Ausk, Davor, Hakak, Kizziar, Makoa, Nesteruk, Tsadok

Common Female Names: Canan, Drogheda, Goruza, Mazon, Shirish, Tevaga, Zeljka

Example Adventure Hooks:

Drogheda has served her whole known life in chains. An arena fighter, she loathes the combat, but refuses to die for entertainment. She desires nothing more than to master herself in quiet contemplation, and has refused to pick up a weapon. With a strict personal code and a knowledge of anatomy learned through practice rather than study, Drogheda stays alive by brawling with her bare hands. She has vowed never to remove her chains as a reminder that her people remain largely enslaved, whether to Calopienes or their own bloodlust, but knows her freedom must be coming soon.

Davor earned his freedom by killing his arena master. While being delivered his evening meal, the half-orc took a shiv hidden in his footwraps and murdered the human. Freeing himself and a dozen other half-orcs, Davor now travels under the guise of an adventurer, hoping to liberate more of his kind to travel north and claim a land for themselves. However, his past may catch up to him, as he has found posters bearing his likeness being tied to pillars around Solonos

Goruza saved for years to earn her freedom, and purchased herself from her master. Glad to see her freed with an investment paid off, her master gifted her travel equipment to ensure her safe passage. With her trusted axe, Limbsplitter, on her back, she set out to find a new life, and read adventure. When the outside world was loathe to traffic with a Half-Orc, she was discouraged, but remained stalwart. She would find a home, and a group she could call her family. Though with supplies running thin, her choice of jobs is looking a bit too familiar to her days in the arena.


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