The Liberati (also known as the Populari, the Western Alliance, or the Traitorous Houses) are a union of noble houses in Pittacae who seek to dissolve the title and powers of the monarchy in favor of an oligarchic state ruled by the Cathedras, who would see their independent powers increased. This union is a political and military force actively combatting the Royalist party in the Pittacan Civil War. The bulk of their commanders and strategists reside in the manor of House Amyklas in the fortress known as The Lonely Watch, while their generals use the stables and sizable holdings of House Nabis as staging points for their mobile raiding forces.

Houses Amyklas, Tyndareos, Pausanias, Nabis, and Eurysthenes form the self-styled liberators, with Tyndareos and Nabis as the lead military forces. Since the shattering of Eurysthenes hold on their lands in 1141 in the battle known as Nicanor’s Gambit, the widowed head of the house is seen publicly as the face of tragedy under the brutal regime of the Royalists. By focusing their rhetoric on the rule by force of the Royalist Army, the Liberati have made themselves popular among free citizens who lack aristocratic standing, but merchants with standing contracts bartered through the crown prefer the Royalists.

With the chariots of House Nabis, the ships of House Pausanias, and the military bulk left to House Eurysthenes, the Western Alliance is secured in its authority over the major thoroughfares down the center of Pittacae, but the well-supported forces in Royalist territory mean that battles are fought for inches and feet over the course of full seasons.

The Liberati control the Western Coast, on the Sophiomachus Sea. With their naval dominance on southern peninsula, they are able to secure an ability to trade and control the flow of goods, save for a few talented smuggling ships that escape the net. The edges of the lands of House Pausanias push near the fortress housing the heads of the Royalists, though the bulk of the infantry forces are kept north to keep the soldiers of Agiadis, Oibalos, and Zeuxedamus in check.


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