New Character Questionnaire

New Character Questionnaire

General Questions
Please answer the following base questions to establish your character’s motivations and general outlook.

1. What is your character’s name? What does it mean to them?

2. Does your character have any living family that the GM should be aware of? Does your character keep in contact with them? Where are they, if your character knows?

3. What is your character’s most treasured item? Where did they get it, and why does it matter to them?

4. What does your character desire more than anything in the world? What would they be willing to give up to gain that?

5. What is something your character would never do, no matter who desperate the situation?

6. What is your character’s favorite food? Least favorite food?

7. What relaxes your character? What agitates them?

8. Does your character have a nervous habit? What about a pet peeve?

9. Who is your character’s closest friend or professional contact? How loyal are to them, and how long have you known them?

10. What is a good death in the mind of your character? How do they feel about the idea of resurrection or reincarnation?

11. Would your character take on sizable debt to gain an item they want now, or put off purchase until they have the money for it in a year’s time?

12. What is your character’s drink of choice?

13. What does your character’s ideal romantic partner look and act like?

14. How much gold would it take for your character to undertake a quest with a 25% chance of death? 50%? 75%? 99%?

15. Your character has been ambushed! What item do they always have on them for this situation?

16. How does your character react to being lied to?

17. Is your character likely to break their promise to someone if they stand to profit from it?

18. What is your character’s greatest fear? What other fears do they have? Ghouls? Dragons? Spiders? Kittens? Devils? Oblivion?

19. What is your character ashamed of? What are they proud of?

20. If your character could be remembered forever for a single accomplishment, what would it be?

21. Would your character attempt to use a strange device without known how it works to learn about it? Why or why not?

22. Where is your character from? Where are they now?

23. Which god, goddess, or gods does your character revere? Which do they despise?

24a. If your character is a hero, where does their lineage come from? Is your character aware of this connection? What does it mean to them?

24b. If your character is an antihero, how does your character feel about heroes? Are they open to becoming one themselves? What does a lack of blood connection to the heroes of old mean to your character?

25. Slavery is relatively common in Callopius. Has your character held them? Made friends with any? How do they feel about this social construct?

Generation Three Campaign Start Questions

26. How does your character currently make a living in their settlement? Are they a noble resting on their fortunes, a hard working farmer, a student, a performer, a soldier, a thief?

27. Where does your character currently live? Why are they there, and not elsewhere?

28. Has your character given consideration to the life of an adventurer before? What has kept the from it through their life until now?

29. Monsters are now more common in Calopius than ever before, even as the Pittacan wars have come to an end and soldiers are patrolling the roads again. What experience does your character have with these terrible beasts? Have they had to flee one before? What kind of monster does your character fear most, and why?

30. With the power of the Rangers clearly on the rise, how does your character feel about what is quickly becoming a military power without tether to a city? Are they glad to see warriors capable of doing their duty without the quibbles of bureaucrats, or do they fear that unrestricted power will lead them to corruption and a lust for power of their own? Or do you, living away from their activities, simply not care that deeply at this moment in time?

Generation Two Campaign Start Questions (OLD)

26. What brings your character to Chilones? Do they honor an ancestor, seek a job from the death priests, or seek penance on the Pilgrim’s Path?

27. Which of the other party members is your character acquainted with already? Who is a stranger? Do you know any of them by reputation, if not in person?

28. What connection does your character have to the Pittacan Civil War? Which faction do they support? Have they lost anyone in the fighting, or as a result of the unpatrolled borders?

29. Being contacted by the son of Duandraxis, what connection to the previous generation does your character have? How does this flavor their world view? For those direct offspring of the previous generation, how do you feel about your parents’ and mentors’ legacy? Do you strive to live up to it, surpass it, or rebel against it? Does your character carry a token from this previous generation, such as a blade, cloak, necklace, or piece of advice? What does it mean to them, or what does lacking such a gift mean to them?

30. What education and background does your character have? Have they studied in a Dikethalean College, or sought the wisdom of Chilonean sages? Did they learn in the holy Scriptoria of Periandropolis, or learn the hard lessons of spear and shield in Pittacae? Where did they learn their skills? Given you are 3rd level, what trials have you already overcome to arrive at this place? Where is your character’s prowess and skill known to the populace already?

Generation One Campaign Start Questions (OLD)
These questions pertain to the beginning of the campaign.

26. Which of your fellow party members does your character already know? How? What shared experiences have you had?

27. You all have received some sort of beckoning to a crossroads on New Year’s, naming the others as fellow recipients of a copy of this letter. What feelings do you have as you make preparations to meet the person, whose name is written as Duandraxis?
A full copy of this letter will be made available shortly!

28. What title would your character like to be known by? Do they strive to be known as “the Bold,” “the Invincible,” or “the Wise”? Or would they prefer to make their own name into a title?

New Character Questionnaire

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