Northern Frontier

Northern Frontier is a one-shot set in Calopius as a setting exploration, taking place in the depths of the winter of 1154. I will leave your individual purposes to yourselves, but here is the knowledge to come in knowing.

Results: Though a fight to the death, the party assembled by Osmond Urtaban was successful in saving Diana Zoethungatter from her place of captivity. The vampire, a brutal and feral orc of unknown name or origin, was ultimately slain, and Diana’s discussion of how a pair of goblins played a major role in saving her has lifted public opinion of goblins, many of whom are being offered some basic rights and protections in cities, though they still lack the esteem of full Calopians. Coupled with her dramatic rescue, the popularity of her treatise on the nature of magic and divinity has increased in popularity, and is widely being circulated in an abbreviated form among the priests of Periandropolis and the sages of Chilones. It is entitled De Rerum Divinis et Occultae Arcanisque, and in addition to their pay from Urtaban, the party has been gifted autographed copies of the treatise in thanks from the rhetorician and her patron.

Rumors and occasional sightings of terrible creatures born of the mingling of necrotic flesh and the blood of the living have long been thought to haunt the forests north of Biasophoros and Dikethaleos. These creatures are known as Vampires, and with fewer adventurers keeping the peace in the north, there are worries that the wicked beasts of Gaia, Proteus, and others born of the blood of the titans are on the rise. Your group, whether as individuals or a united party, have been hired to investigate rumors of strange occurrences north of Dikethaleos by a merchant with deep pockets from Solonos. Your patron, a dwarf named Osmond Urtaban who specializes in the construction of religious regalia and statuary, has paid you half the promised sum up front.

The rumors you have been sent to investigate include a variety of things: shepherds and rangers have reported sightings of creatures the size of giants, merchants on the road have been found horrendously eviscerated and drained of blood, and most recently a star student in the University of Dikethaleos, a human rhetorician named Diana Zoethungatter only twenty years old, was taken from her bedchamber without sign of forced entry, the lock of the door untouched, and no real sign of magic in the room. It was only the open room and a set of claw marks on the windowsill that hinted at the real sign, and has lead to a worry about a Vampire raiding the Unburning City. Divination magics have revealed she is still alive at the time of your departure, held in some dank cell for reasons unknown in an unhewn cavern. As her patron, Osmond Urtaban has a vested interest in seeing young Diana returned safe and sound, and this is one of your primary tasks.

Please create a level 7 character using standard Calopene character creation rules. Your starting gold will be 23,500 gp.


  • Investigate the rumors of giants and vampires in the Dark Forests north of Dikethaleos
  • Locate Diana Zoethungatter, returning her alive if possible or returning her remains if not
  • Find the cause of the kidnapping and ensure the one responsible cannot take another

Quick Reminder: This character in the one-shot can be linked to existing bloodlines of heroes, or can be a new source. These characters will not disappear into the world, but those who survive may become NPCs for future installments.

Northern Frontier

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