Note: Orcs are an unplayable race

Orc_Racial_Image.jpg Savage, industrious, and brutal warrior tribes to the north have stormed from the forests to raid farms and test city walls as far back as memory reaches. With porcine tusks, sallow-green skin, and wild hair, these juggernauts of destruction organize, plan, and speak in ways foreign to nearly all Calopenes. Even their offspring, the Half-Orcs only rarely come to know anything of their ways. The few who have observed them and returned to tell the tale report a militant society of cannibalism, profane rituals, and constant bloodshed. Orcs are feared and reviled in equal measure by civilized Calopenes, and while goblins may offer surrender, the beastmen of the north would rather be killed than be shown mercy.

The number of Orcs in Calopius is unknown. Their numbers seem endless, as if they stream fully-grown from the forest at all times. Yet on the battlefield, these feral warriors are observed to have males and females among their ranks. Orcs are believed to have fortresses somewhere in the forests, as they carry weapons of a dark metal and their leaders march with shields and armor to match. Such forges must be stationary, and tales tell of high towers spouting flame from which the orcs march under the orders of some unseen malevolent figure. In battle, they lack the discipline of a phalanx, but make up for their lack of tactics with guile and brutality. Unlike proper warriors, Orcs strike at any time, especially by night, when their eyes peer through the darkness to find their targets. Preferring spiked clubs, heavy axes, and thick swords shaped like cleavers, orcish weapons shatter spears, crack shields, and their raw girth can force a phalanx line to buckle.

Orcs fight in hordes lead by a figure Calopenes call the battlemaster, who is often identified by decorative warpaint and the heaviest armor. Most orcs wear skins and hides for armor, but the most powerful cover themselves in banded armors and horned helms. Particularly powerful hordes might utilize feral dogs as warhounds, and rarely the battlemaster might issue commands from the back of a bear that serves as his mount. Many others keep pens of boars, riling them into a frenzy with hot iron pokers and released at enemies as a preemptive charge.

Classes: Most orcs are simple warriors, with levels in fighter. Some channel the fury within them, as the barbarians or bloodragers, while still others draw close to the bloodthirsty cycles of nature as rangers. While few orcs have been seen to use magic with any proficiency, they occasionally produce sorcerers with destructive talents or druids that command the respect of the predators of the world. Particularly ancient orcs develop a sensitivity to the occult forces of the world, sensing death and the dead all around them.


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