“Know your opportunity.” -Pittacus, Sage of War

Across the Winedark Sea from Chilones and Periandropolis is the peninsula first fortified by the warrior-sage Pittacus. Chosen for its defensible hills, fertile fields of wheat, and deep veins of iron, a central Citadel was built as a garrison for the sage and his eleven sons. From these sons, Pittacae derives its eleven noble houses.. Home of the most feared warriors and strategists in all Calopius, Pittacae is built on a rigid system of castes, and is unequaled in military strength on the ground.

At the peak of Pittacae’s military tradition is the King, a ruler from the house of Aedikles who has inherited his throne. Currently, Pittacae is ruled by King Meliodas, and the monarchy is supported by the other ten noble houses, known as the Cathedras. These nobles and their client families live within the walls of the great city-sized fortress, with the King ruling from his throne in the Citadel at the heart of the walled city. Under the nobles are the Freemen, whose families are under the allegiance of one of the noble families. Granted land to work in exchange for paying a tribute to the city, the Freemen of Pittacae are largely subsistence farmers or craftsmen. The Helots, or slave class, are prisoners taken in war or born slaves who earn no wages and have no rights under Pittacaen law. It is the Helots who produce the majority of the grain for the city, but their place in society is locked and freedom out of the question.

For a noble or free child, life is spent training. Freemen will grow to serve as infantry, squires, or perhaps archers, while the nobles train to be the deadliest hoplites in the world. With signature heavy shields of iron stained with a red square and knee-length crimson capes, the Pittacaen warrior is a force to be reckoned with. A few prefer to become cavalry, but to rely on something other than your force at arms and your brother soldiers is considered cowardly, and so the cavalry of the city is weaker than that of Dikethaleos.

Surprising none, Pittacae is the staunchest supporter of blood sport and slavery in Calopius, holding both as necessary institutions. Famous Pittacaen thinkers have written treatises on the virtue in saving the slave “from his savage nature,” as well as the need for an expression of violence to loose the animal urges within. The vitriol used in these supports are often off-putting to other cities, but none except Periandropolis have ever challenged them on this front.

The citizens of Pittacae have a reputation for hot-headedness, and being devoid of all emotions except rage and lust. Given their focus on physical accomplishment, it is no surprise that the men and women alike are considered the most beautiful and fierce. The whole city is often referred to as a den of lions for their power and eschewing of most luxuries. Pittacaen women are the objects of the greatest contests of courtship and wooing, and women the world over idealize the statues and vase paintings of the bare-chested Pittacaen warrior. Within the city, the population is roughly 70% human, 20% dwarf, and 10% tiefling. Heroes from Pittacae trace their lineage to Pittacus if they are noble, or both Aedikles and Spartarchios if they are in line for the throne. Beyond these, most commoners who claim heroic blood claim heroes from other lands, especially Pius and Calydonia.


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