Chaotic Evil God

Other Names: Father of Lycanthropes, Shapeless Stalker, Ever-Shifting, Favored Son, Gloomclaw, Archbeast

Domains: Chaos, Evil, Luck, Strength, Trickery
Subdomains: Cannibalism, Curse, Deception, Ferocity, Protean
Favored Weapon: Greatclub

Proteus.jpg As the mightiest and last Archbeast, Proteus is the pinnacle of the wild hunter. With great cunning and greater ferocity, Proteus strengthened himself by feeding on the hearts of other Archbeasts. As he consumed their hearts, he was able to adjust his form to their own. Even as the Cosmomachy claimed the other Archbeasts, Proteus would find and consume their hearts, adding their abilities to his own. When Gaia, his mother and consort, was bound by the Gods, Proteus eluded their notice by taking the shape of a god himself, having consumed one’s heart in the battle. Additionally, Proteus has stalked and consumed the hearts of countless mortals,

There are some mortals who admire the Archbeast, and desire a fragment of his power. Through the curse of lycanthropy, they receive into their bodies a sliver of their abilities, turning into whatever beast’s form Proteus has offered them. When the Gods saw their mortal servitors twisted by beastblood, they knew Proteus has survived, but could not find his lair. Still stalking Calopius somewhere, Proteus is the Primordial most feared by the everyday villager. To punish those mortals who trafficked with the Archbeast, the Gods cursed the mingling of beast and mortal blood, robbing them the ability to control when they transformed and causing hem to lose their minds at the full moon. For this reason, the full moon is feared by all, yet sacred to the worshippers of Proteus.

Those who bear the cursed blood of the lycanthrope look to Proteus as their father and salvation against the gods. When organized into groups, most Lycanthropes hope to turn all mortal-kind to their curse, robbing the Gods their sacrifices and enthroning Proteus on his mother and lover’s throne so that he can unleash her once more. As the servants of Gaia’s favored son, they look to a coming eternal hunt. Proteus is worshipped by the consumption of a fresh mortal heart, cannibalism, and murder. However, Proteus is cunning, and rewards those lycanthropes who can remain undetected for years in their civilized cities, gradually spreading the curse. It is said that those lycanthropes who were penitent turned to the Gods for forgiveness, and were granted control over their shapeshifting, and so Proteus is the origin of the Wild Shape power.


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