Shadowed Paths

In this one (or more) shot, we will be trying out the Path of War material from Dreamscarred Press, including their new base classes, archetypes, feats, and more.

The Year is 508, and the Barbarians have been repelled at a great cost…

Following their failed invasion of Calopius, the Barbarian armies retreated across the sea and through the forests. However, their damage was not yet complete. In their supply camps, they had kept prisoners of war, captured heroes, generals, and warriors from the Calopene armies. Unable to keep them, yet unwilling to release them directly, they were released into the wild forests north of Calopius. One such band took a daring gamble, when a sign believed to indicate the protection of Thantadeus beckoned them to dare the caves that might return them to their home. However, the god of death makes no offering without cost, and the heroes know they will need to play his mysterious games…

As a party, you will take the roles of a captured band of ancient heroes of Calopius, forgotten warriors who were captured on the battlefield but freed in the years after the barbarian defeat. Your goal is to find your way through these caves, testing your courage and virtue to prove your worth after the dishonor of capture. Return home would be welcome, but to recover a hero’s honor, you will need a hero’s victory in these foul caves.

Level: 7
Starting Wealth: 23,500 gp
Ability Score Generation: 20 point buy
Classes: Please play at least a multiclass of one of the martial classes from the Path of War supplement, linked above.
Note: This is meant to test the relative power of the Path of War classes against the traditional base and core classes in Pathfinder, so these characters will face increasingly powerful foes as a means of testing their abilities.
Wrap-Up Notes: If you are willing, I would like you to discuss with me or write up a reaction to how it felt to play these classes, and whether they feel on-par with, weaker than, or stronger than the other Pathfinder classes. Additionally, since this does take place in the mythic past, please choose one piece of gear your character has to create a special bond with; I would like to utilize your character’s personality and fighting style to create some minor artifacts for Calopius.

Shadowed Paths

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