Under Feet of Clay

Welcome to the home page for the new campaign “Under Feet of Clay,” an adventure setting for the Pathfinder RPG system. This page serves as a table of contents to the following major hubs:

1. Getting Started : Here you will find the basics of which classes and races are available, as well as a brief introduction to the campaign and the world. This is also where the details about the beginning of the campaign will be located.
2. Character Creation : Here you will find the mechanical details you need to make your character sheet, including unique bonuses and restrictions.
3. Geography : Here you will find the history of the land of Calopius, as well as details about the seven major cities, the Barbarian Wars, and the Dark Forest of Chaos.
4. Religion : Here you will find details about the various groupings of gods, including the Trisdekatheon, Hupotheon, Sophoteon, Anthrotheon, and the Muses, as well as details regarding worship and practice. This is where characters wanting to play divine casters will find lists of domains and favored weapons.
5. Races : Here you will find details regarding the major races of Calopius, how they interact with the world around them, and samples of potential character hooks.