Character Creation

Character Creation

Starting Level
Generation 3: Prequel sessions will begin at level 1. Regular campaign play will begin at level 2.
Generation 2: Play will begin at level 3.
Generation 1: Play will begin at level 1.

Ability Scores

Abilities will be generated by the point-buy system. Your character will use the Heroic (20 point) buy. This will generate stronger than average heroes.

Additional Rule Sets

For this campaign, we will be using the Hero Points optional rule set. Characters will have the following options:

Heroes: All characters who elect to use Hero Points will receive Hero’s Fortune as a bonus feat at level 1.

Antiheroes: For reasons of characterization, you may opt to play an Antihero. In accordance with the rules for Antiheroes, such characters will receive a bonus feat of their choosing at level 1.

This campaign will NOT be using the Mythic Adventures supplement.


Your character will select two traits. If they also select a drawback, select a third trait. Please consult the GM before taking a Campaign Trait meant for another campaign. For character creation, you may also consider these Calopius Campaign Traits that will be on offer. This page may update as more traits become available or are written by me.

Available Races

In creating a character, please choose from the following races:
Common Races: Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Human
Uncommon Races: Aasimar, Changeling, Fetchling, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Tiefling, Vishkanya.

Available Classes

The following base classes will be allowed for player characters:
Core Classes: All
Base Classes: Alchemist, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Magus, Oracle, Summoner, Witch
Occult Classes: All
Hybrid Classes: All
Unchained Classes: All

Please note: All archetypes involving firearms are prohibited, as is the Gunsmithing feat and Weapon Proficiency (Firearms).

Starting Wealth

Generation 3: Please roll for starting wealth, rerolling all 1’s on the d6 results. Additional funds will be made available to you at the conclusion of the prequel sessions.
Generation 2: 3,000 gp. Your character may have inherited an item from their parents or the like. However, to reflect the value of such items, your character will “purchase” them at the cost for their creation to represent the significant investment this would be for the family. Items too expensive for such a purchase may be gained later in the campaign.
Generation 1: Please roll for starting wealth, rerolling all 1’s on the d6 results.

Character Creation

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