Generation Three Primer

Welcome to the planning page for Generation Three of Under Feet of Clay! Here’s what we can plan on.

The Journey: Our heroes will be gathering at the behest of several of the Rangers of Biasophoros to help combat monsters in the forest and investigate strange activity therein. More detail to come. Prequel sessions will find the various party members in their hometown.

Character Creation Guidelines: Standard Calopene rules apply; in their prequel sessions, characters will be discovering themselves in situations that will lead to an association with the Rangers in the course of their prequel session. The desire to join the Rangers will not be necessary to make this happen, but being utterly opposed to this endeavor will be a problem. Characters should be willing to work with an adventuring group that regularly risks death.

The Time Scale: Prequel sessions will begin in the year 1200 on the Calopene calendar, 44 years after the Battle of Hybernaculum. After these prequel sessions, we will begin the campaign proper in the year 1202, giving people time to arrive in Biasophoros.

Levels: We will begin the prequel sessions at level 1 to establish some interesting background before the events of the campaign begins. The campaign proper will begin at level 2.

Generation Three Primer

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