Generation Two Primer

Generation Two: Heroes in the Age of Blood

Welcome to the second generation of Under Feet of Clay! On the eve of Momento Mori 1156, we will begin the tale of our new set of heroes.

As your characters prepare for Momento Mori, the feast of the remembrance of the dead, they will find themselves on the southern shores of Chilones. Awaiting a ship to return them to their homes, you happen to be sharing an inn with your yet-to-be companions. Connected by the deeds of your parents and brought here for reasons your own, be they pious or otherwise, each of you has met a young Tiefling adventurer named Dalakoth bin Draxis, the son of Duandraxis. Your conversations varied, but he requested that whole of you join him in the tavern to discuss a matter of grave concern, one that could help restore peace to the broken lands of Calopius. We will begin our campaign as you sit at the table, surrounded by the sons and daughters of the heroes who slew a cyclops, only to watch a new age of beasts and blood dawning.

A reminder that you will be beginning play at Level 3, with 3,000 gp to spend on goods. If your character would inherit and item from the previous generation’s heroes, please deduct the creation cost of that item from your starting gold. (This is the same as paying to have the item made instead of buying at full cost.)

Generation Two Primer

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