Human_Racial_Image.jpg Far and away the most common of the mortal races, humans make up nearly two thirds of the people dwelling in Calopius. Proud, dedicated, fierce, and skilled, the humans of this realm are adept in all manner of trades. Commonly seen as opportunistic, stubborn, or scheming, humans and their short life spans are the driving force for progress, change, and war in the region.

With their short lives, humans strive for glory and prestige. With their diversity and sharp minds, humans are not dominated by one way of thinking. Where an elf or dwarf would take time to consider actions, a human acts. Favoring the spear and sword as weapons, humans look to the values of heroes who came before them: valor, cunning, strength at arms, speed, piety, and leadership. However, an entire society of people struggling to be the leader means most humans spend their lives in political rivalries. Always making and shifting alliances, humans maintain complex and detailed networks of relationships.

Classes: Humans are fairly likely to dabble in any class, though some struggle with magic. Fighters and clerics are very common. With such short lives, most humans shy away from the disciplines that take years of study to master, such as the paths of the wizard, and will instead rely on the magic of their own blood as sorcerers. Few humans will learn the ways of the Eastern Barbarians, but an open-minded fighter may mingle martial training with their unbridled bloodlust.

Common Male Names: Jason, Dikaeopolis, Xanthias, Hesiod, Brutus, Evagrius, Methodius, Themistocles, Pericles

Common Female Names: Diana, Melissa, Melodia, Helen, Theodora, Thekla, Electra, Cleo

Example Adventure Hooks:

Xanthias is a low-born commoner from Biasophoros who grew up watching the ships. However, he lacked the money to barter passage to a new life, and only took solace in the fact that his grandfather had always told him his line traced back to the great hero Pius. Determined to live up to this lineage and hoping to someday own his own ship, Xanthias took the sword he inherited from his grandfather and set out to earn his fortune.

Melodia, as the daughter of an aristocrat of Periandropolis, was never allowed to leave the temple. Set to be a high-priestess of The Muses, Melodia wanted little more than to escape her gilded cage. Inspired to finally act by a dream she believes sent as blessing by her heavenly patrons, she took her book of songs and prayers and climbed her way to freedom. Hoping to hide her origins, she now poses as a bard in Cleobonomos while waiting for her next divine inspiration to guide her.

Methodius comes from a proud military family of Pittacae, and wanted nothing more than to earn his honor by serving his lord and land. However, this honor was broken when his unit was destroyed by a band of orcs and his shield taken from him. The only of his unit to survive, Methodius had to wait four years to break free and kill his captors. However, his shield, originally his great-great-grandfather’s, is now in the hands of a vile orc, and he cannot return home with honor intact without it. He will stop at nothing to retrieve this family heirloom.


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