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Under Feet of Clay

Welcome to the home page for the new campaign “Under Feet of Clay,” an adventure setting for the Pathfinder RPG system. This page serves as a table of contents to the following major hubs:

1. Getting Started : Here you will find the basics of which classes and races are available, as well as a brief introduction to the campaign and the world. This is also where the details about the beginning of the campaign will be located.
2. Character Creation : Here you will find the mechanical details you need to make your character sheet, including unique bonuses and restrictions.
3. Geography : Here you will find the history of the land of Calopius, as well as details about the seven major cities, the Barbarian Wars, and the Dark Forest of Chaos.
4. Religion : Here you will find details about the various groupings of gods, including the Trisdekatheon, Hupotheon, Sophoteon, Anthrotheon, and the Muses, as well as details regarding worship and practice. This is where characters wanting to play divine casters will find lists of domains and favored weapons.
5. Races : Here you will find details regarding the major races of Calopius, how they interact with the world around them, and samples of potential character hooks.
6. History : The story of Calopius is one that is unfolding through time. Here you can find updates about major events that have happened in the course of the campaigns.
7. Languages : This an an accounting of the languages that exist in Calopius, and their common uses.
8. Organizations : Here is a list of organizations and the details about them.
9. Navigation : Here you will find an outline form of all the Wiki pages for Under Feet of Clay, allowing you to find the pages in question more quickly! (This is a work in progress.)

Note: Please give some thought to this New Character Questionnaire, and type some short responses to it.

Shadowed Paths: We will play a one-shot to try out the 3rd party material from “Path of War”. Links and details on the Shadowed Paths page.

Generation Three: Preparation for the new adventure has begun. As details come to light, keep an eye on the Generation Three Primer for information! This page on the Rangers is likely going to be a good resource…

Generation Three Prequel Adventure: If we drum up enough interest, I will be happy to run a special adventure in Timaedius for the party to investigate some strange happenings. Lady Eunomia will need the mightiest heroes she can muster for the Restless Ancients adventure!

Generation Two Prequel One-Shot: We will play a quick one shot to get back into the setting. Look forward to a primer on the Northern Frontier one shot!

Generation Two: For a collection of the major changes to the setting for the second generation of heroes, see the linked Calopius 1156 page, which will detail the major changes and politics of each major city and region over the last few decades, as well as provide the necessary background. In addition, I will soon be putting a Generation Two Primer, detailing what will be bringing the party together and where our action will begin. For details on the port settlement of Charoni, see the linked page. This largely elven settlement will be the starting place for this generation.

Update: The first generation has completed their quest and earned a place in the annals of history! Click here to see Generation One’s legend told!

Main Page

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