The Royalists (also known as the Loyal Houses, the Federation of the Crown, or the Conservatives) are a political and military force dedicated to preserving the crown of Pittacae and the punishment of the Liberati, who are believed to be responsible for starting the Pittacan Civil War by arranging the assassination of King Meneandros IV. They are headquartered in the manor-fortress of House Cleombrontos, which has earned the name The Hawk’s Nest for its role in housing the heads of the families.

Houses Agiadis, Zeuxedamus, and Cleombrontos are seen as the real trinity of power and authority among the federation, though they are joined by houses Kynortas and Oibalos. The last member of the royal house of Lacedaemonids is Queen Melissa, sister of Dorikas Zeuxedamus and widow of Meneandros IV, and as long as she lives the Royal Guard nominally sides with the Royalists, but the bulk of their attention is dedicated to protecting the Queen in her exile and keeping the Citadel safe.

In the early years of the war, suspicions of coordinating the assassination of the King were cast on Houses Agiadis and Zeuxedamus, though all the Royalist houses have refuted this claim, saying the perpetrator was clearly a Liberati. Since then the actual assassin has remained unknown, as well as the identity of the person who hired them, but lingering concern that this war may be a means for House Zeuxedamus to seize the throne have plagued the image of the Royalists. In counter measure, rumors that the Queen has born an heir carried in her womb when her husband was slain have given hope to those in support of a King, and talk of the return of the Exiled Prince fosters hope among the troops.

The majority of Royalist power is centered on the fields and hills east of Pittacae, and stretching to the northern isthmus of House Agiadis. With a more centered force and less open terrain, the position of the Royalist Army is very defensible, but they lack the maneuverability and flexibility of the Liberati. Further, the ships of House Pausanias have dominated the eastern sea battles, leaving the Royalists dug in, but reliant on smugglers and mercenary captains to shore up defense of their ports.


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